Build a home that makes you feel more connected

Build a home that makes you feel more connected.


These days, so many of us feel scattered. We get distracted by our work or our phones, and find ourselves disconnected from the people who matter most. Ploughshare has a plan for that. We craft homes that draw families closer to each other, to the community, and to the land. Homes that help families take root.

Build a house with an expansive kitchen to draw closer to your family

Build a house That DRAWs YOU CLOSER TO YOUR 


Ploughshare homes are built around expansive, comforting common areas that beckon your family into a single space, where it's easy to see, hear, and engage with each other. Of course, strong relationships also require independence. Ploughshare's intimate alcoves and airy balconies provide sanctuary for times of focus or reflection, while bedrooms are carefully tucked away for a cozy retreat when you just need a little space for yourself.

Each Ploughshare home will help you balance your family's needs for time alone, time one-on-one, time all together, and time with friends.

Build a home with a sheltered front porch to draw closer to your community



The cheerful, sheltered front porch of each Ploughshare home is the perfect place to greet your neighbors and friends. And when you invite them in, the dedicated foyer affords a pause, helping them transition into the warmth of their time with you.

Have you ever noticed how people gather in the kitchen, even when you shoo them out so you can cook? Ploughshare has a plan for that. We place a generously-sized kitchen at the heart of each home, and surround it with inviting, flexible space. That way, all your favorite people can gather right where they want to, and you'll still have room to prepare them a meal.

Use reclaimed wood to build a home that draws you closer to the land

Build a house that draws you closer to the land.


Our every material and design decision works together to root your family in Montana. We favor reclaimed finishes that bear the marks of our state's agricultural past, while our signature clusters of large windows carry the handsome landscape into your living room.

Ploughshare homes not only work to connect you to the surrounding beauty, but to provide steadfast shelter against Montana's rugged climate. We use locally-sourced stone, wood, and metal knowing what was required of each to survive here. These formidable materials, combined with our over-engineered, no-nonsense construction practices, make each Ploughshare home uncommonly sturdy.

A Ploughshare home is a lot like the land beneath it: created to be wholly loved, wildly celebrated, fully lived in, and proudly passed on to the next generation.


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“Home is the nicest word there is.” 
— Laura Ingalls Wilder

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