How Long Does it Take to Build a House In Bozeman?


The first question our clients usually ask is, "How much will it cost to build our home?" The second is, "How long will it take?"

How Long Does it Take to Build a Home in Bozeman?

Here are the FIVE BIG STEPS to taking root in your new home, and how long they each take. 

STEP 1: Find the Land You love

(1-3 months)

There are plenty of lots available in the Gallatin Valley right now. The trick is finding one you love that's within your budget. Land prices are rising at an incredible rate, so it could save you a lot of money to purchase sooner rather than later. If you'd like our advice, just ask!

STEP 2: Collaborate with us on The Design 

(2-3 months)

We'd LOVE to create a new design around your family's life and needs. If that's the path you choose, we'll start by learning all we can about you and your lifestyle, and then show you draft floor plans and 3-D models. Since we're builders as well as designers, we can recommend design ideas that will you save on construction costs. And since we'll get to know you well, we can help you invest in the aspects that matter most to you. Of course, if you've just happened to fall in love with a Ploughshare Limited Release, we can skip straight to Step 3.

STEP 3: Select your finishes

(1-2 months)

Floors, cabinets, lighting, paint! Perhaps you already have an exact material palette in mind. Or maybe you'd like the guidance of our award-winning interior design partner. Either way, we'll give you everything you need to make this step comfortable, fun and rewarding. During this step, we'll also be hard at work submitting your home's plans for approval by your neighborhood's Architectural Review Committee and the City Building Department.

Step 4: Schedule trades

(1-3 Months)

Our artisans are some of the best in Montana for their craftsmanship, as well as for their fair pricing and reliable scheduling. Because of that, and because of Bozeman's hot real estate market and limited labor pool, the best tradesmen and women tend to book up months in advance. Construction is seasonal, so while it's quite easy to get bids from our tradesmen and women in February, by May, the best of them will not only be booked up for the year, but too busy to even provide pricing. Knowing your needs and those of your home, we'll bring on the perfect artisans to assist us on the job.

STEP 5: Build! 

(4-9 months)

When the plans are approved and the trades are scheduled, it's time to dig. From groundbreaking to move-in, it's a whirlwind. You'll have walked through the 3-D models, and chosen your finishes. You'll have imagined every square inch of your home and what it will be like. But nothing compares to the excitement of seeing it all come to life. How long this takes will depend on the time of year we start, the weather, and the complexity of both the building design and site. However, weeks before we dig, we'll give you a locked construction schedule that shows your move in date and everything that leads up to it.

To help you start planning, let's add it all up. If you haven't yet picked out land, and if we began helping you today, you would move into your new home in 9 to 20 months.

want to move in SOONER?

We don't blame you! Here are three key decisions you can make to speed up your move-in date:

1. Go with a Ploughshare Limited Release

Great design doesn't happen over night. It takes years of experience and months of focused effort to develop each Ploughshare design. The great thing about our Limited Releases is that the design work is already done, saving you 2-3 months! 

2. Live outside city limits

For some people, that's a no-brainer. For others, it can be tough to leave the proximity and convenience of living in the city. But if you're the type who'd rather have a little more land between neighbors, you can save 4-6 weeks of waiting on a City building permit, plus $10-$15k in City impact fees.

A map of Bozeman's City Limits outlined in red, as of this writing.

A map of Bozeman's City Limits outlined in red, as of this writing.

3. Choose an uncomplicated building site

A flat lot resting on rich bottomland requires much less time planning and building than a steep lot perched on a majestic mountainside. But even down low, some creekside lots are located in flood zones, which require time to engineer the right solutions. And in the city proper, infill lots in historic districts often require added months to navigate the public review and comment process. Choosing a simple lot speeds up the process significantly. If you have questions about a lot you own, or one you're interested in purchasing, just ask us.


The Journey Home

It can be a long one, but it's so very rewarding. And we'll be with you every step of the way. When you're ready, we're here to answer your questions at 406.595.0393